Out Go the Crayons

Out Go the Crayons

Some of our surviving seed trial seedlings are ready to plant. Since the Wonder Kids were grumpy and cranky from allergies, mommy indulged in a little garden therapy this morning.


You Can Grow That: Again

If only seed starting went as well as I planned, I’d spend all day giving away the garden or planting in it. But it doesn’t. Some days, you just have to start again. I have some seeds that grow like a teenage boy in the summer. These tomatoes for our giveaway garden are the perfect…


New Monarch Garden

After our great fun and success last year growing monarchs, we decided to have a dedicated monarch garden this year. With the rearrangement of the veggie beds, our Gardening Jones raised bed was a perfect fit.


Easy Veggie Bed Liner

Our new garden beds need a liner. The concrete blocks will leach a bit with the passage of time. The soil and veggies need some protection from this so we found a inexpensive, reliable liner. This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my Disclosure statement here for more info. The only downside to…


Swamp Flowers

For the past 7 Fridays, I’ve been taking a Coastal Master Naturalist class. By the end of April, I will know enough about the Georgia coast to know I don’t know anything. The learning will continue. Yesterday, we visited the Okefenokee Swamp. The spring swamp flowers were blooming. It was beautiful.

A Pass-Along Story

A Pass-Along Story

Every gardener has a few pass-along plants that have a story. I’ve told y’all several of mine. Today, I found a back-from-dead pass-along plant so I’m adding another story to our garden collection. Back when Boy Wonder #1 was a toddler, I discovered a local farm that had a CSA. We went every week for…