A Pass-Along Story

A Pass-Along Story

Every gardener has a few pass-along plants that have a story. I’ve told y’all several of mine. Today, I found a back-from-dead pass-along plant so I’m adding another story to our garden collection. Back when Boy Wonder #1 was a toddler, I discovered a local farm that had a CSA. We went every week for…


The Hummers are Coming!

Every spring, we eagerly await the arrival of the hummingbirds. Every year, because our hummingbird season is so long and hot, we have to purchase new hummingbird feeders. For The Wonder Kids, it’s a spring version of birthday presents.


New Homes for Free Tomatoes

We gave away all of our free tomatoes! What fun we had sharing them with strangers and friends! A few of our friends graciously provided pictures of their newly planted garden goodies. Amie was our first tomato taker. Her sweet hubby planted the tomatoes the following day. Yay!! Christine snuck by for a few while…


Lettuce Update You 

We decided to try growing lettuce again. The Wonder Kids picked out a few varieties but gave up helping after that. When harvest time arrived, the Girls Wonder were ready. Girl Wonder #2 decided it was time to harvest the Black Seeded Simpson. This was what we thought was chives (according to the package) until…


Bucket Potatoes

One of our dear friends passed along some seed potatoes to us right before Valentine’s Day. We finally were able to get them into buckets for growing. The Wonder Kids aren’t quite sure what to make of it.