Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: Zone 9a Edition

We have a few flowers and a fruit blooming, in spite of our roller coaster winter. “Ducher” rose almost blooming. The strawberries have started their spring adventures. Lantana cuttings from one of our neighbors have already starting shining their butterfly beacons. The daffodils have unfurled. Needless to say, I’m ready for spring.


More Sunflowers

We can’t get enough sunflowers. The bees love them. Since we need to lure the bees back to our garden, we started another batch of sunflowers. This time, we used a leftover salad box and our seed starting soil. The salad mix box makes a great recycled mini-greenhouse. After filling it about halfway with soil,…


Rescuing the Daffodils

I’ve written many times here about my love of daffodils. They are reminders of a favorite aunt and just plain make me smile. When we moved back to coastal Georgia, I steeled myself to accept again that daffodils won’t grow in zone 9a. Then I started seeing them pop up after Christmas around my neighborhood.…


Seeds Go In

Our soil is mixed and ready to for planting. We’ve picked out our seeds for the upcoming Spring and Summer growing season. Time to get some started! First up are the tomatoes and peppers since they need 6-10 weeks (depending on variety) of growing time before transplanting. This year, we’re trying something different with our…


Gathering for a Greenhouse

Another move means we have to start looking for windows and doors and shower doors and whatever else we can think to use for a new-to-us recycled-material greenhouse. When we moved back to the coast, we had to replace the windows in the house. While the single-pane aluminum sliders weren’t good for the house, they’re…


Planting Peas

Late winter around here means time to plant peas. We’ve tried many varieties in past seasons but snow peas are always our favorite. This year, we are adding sugar snaps in hopes of finding another pea the Wonder Kids will eat. I’m saving our raised bed spaces because I still haven’t gotten around to putting…


Our First Rain Barrel

We have been wanting a rain barrel for our garden for some time. Judging from the speed that the DIY kits and available free/cheap drums get snapped up, we’re not the only ones who want to conserve water and keep their gardens hydrated for cheap. At the end of last month, our local Department of…


Early Sunflowers: You Can Grow That!

Today’s installment of “You Can Grow That” is all about growing early sunflowers. What are early sunflowers? Just sunflowers you start indoors while it’s still cold so they can be ready to plant as soon as the soil warms up. Any extra advantage we can give to the pollinators to visit our gardens early is…


Brushing Up on Botany

Y’all know I enjoy the weekly garden-related Twitter chats. Each week the various chats have a specific topic of discussion. Today was a newer chat, #plantchat, hosted by Chris Sabbrese of Corona Tools. The topic was botany. For an hour, Proven Winners shared a refresher of botany basics plus more in depth botanic information pertaining to…