Wildflower Wednesday: Hellstrip Garden

you’ve ever had a strip of bare soil between the sidewalk and the street, you’ve had a hellstrip. On most cities, these are a “no man’s land”. They belong to the city but the city won’t take care of them. Some cities don’t care if you take them over as part of your garden, some cities do. Our small city likes it both ways.

New Year, Same Garden

One of the joys of gardening is the seasons of consistency. We’re in the midst of that as I type this. Our fall veggies are hanging on. We’re starting seeds for the spring garden (more on that later this week). All in all, a very boring but content time in the garden. Our peas are…

Monarch Monday!

Do you know what today is? It’s Monarch Monday! Yes! We are celebrating the fact that a second monarch laid eggs in our milkweed last week. Yay! Plus, we had 3 more visit this past Saturday. Woohoo!!!   We had so much fun checking the milkweed for eggs. When we went to spray off the…

Watering the Roses

For the past couple of years, I’ve been watering the rose bed with my handy water hose and hose gun. It’s worked well but it gets tiresome. Finally, my brain worked to prime capacity. I found a sprinkler hose that fits my needs for the rose bed.

Monday Morning Garden Walk

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m slow to get going today. Here’s some garden beauties to get our brains going until the caffeine kicks in. All the bok chois Roses and a few more roses Clementine Zinnias Milkweed

Merryweather Didn’t Make it

We were so very, very excited when we found a monarch on our milkweed a couple of weeks ago. If you follow us on Instagram, we’ve shared the progress of the caterpillar growing. But, we have sad news to report. Merryweather the Monarch didn’t make it. This post may contain affiliate links. You can read…

Our Monarch

This time last year, we had an aquarium full of monarch caterpillars. Our 21 caterpillars eventually grew into 10 monarch butterflies that we released with our neighbors. This year, we didn’t think we were going to grow any monarchs. Imagine our surprise when we found a teeny tiny caterpillar on our milkweed! This post may…