The Butternut Squash That Could

Last fall, the monarch caterpillars absolutely devoured our milkweed plant. Granted, it was a tall drink of nectar but we were thrilled to have lots of monarch mamas lay eggs on it. Nothing excited the kids while they were playing outside than seeing the graceful glide and shadow of the monarchs floating towards the monarch garden. Due…

Wordless Wednesday: Harvest

Hello, Hello. Is Thing Working Yet?

I think the blog is finally working again. If you are reading this, yay! It means you can join us again on our adventures.  While I get some posts together, here are a few garden photos to update you on what’s been growing since last we adventured together. More adventures coming! Stay tuned! 


This is an amaryllis passed along to me by our back-fence neighbor. He grows dozens of these every year in his garden. When he divided them a few weeks ago, he tossed me some over the back fence. He couldn’t remember the color or name but I didn’t care. Knowing they wouldn’t bloom this first…

Wordless Wednesday: Garden Snacks

You Can Grow That: Tomatoes to Give Away

We had so much fun giving away tomatoes last spring that we decided to go it again this year. Along with the Romas, we’re adding some beefsteak and cherry tomatoes. Our tomatoes last year went to homes of all economic persuasions. We hope to have the same this year and even a few new people…

Wildflower Wednesday: Hellstrip Garden

you’ve ever had a strip of bare soil between the sidewalk and the street, you’ve had a hellstrip. On most cities, these are a “no man’s land”. They belong to the city but the city won’t take care of them. Some cities don’t care if you take them over as part of your garden, some cities do. Our small city likes it both ways.

New Year, Same Garden

One of the joys of gardening is the seasons of consistency. We’re in the midst of that as I type this. Our fall veggies are hanging on. We’re starting seeds for the spring garden (more on that later this week). All in all, a very boring but content time in the garden. Our peas are…

Wordless Wednesday: Waiting

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Monarch Monday!

Do you know what today is? It’s Monarch Monday! Yes! We are celebrating the fact that a second monarch laid eggs in our milkweed last week. Yay! Plus, we had 3 more visit this past Saturday. Woohoo!!!   We had so much fun checking the milkweed for eggs. When we went to spray off the…