We Have an Allotment! 

You may remember our traipse last week to a local community garden. While we were there, I was able to get the contact info for the lady in charge of the allotments. We talked on Wednesday about available gardening spaces. They had 1 left. It’s now ours!!! Woohoo!!! We’re so excited!! It came with a…


The Soil Mountain

Slowly, slowly we are using up the mountain of soil we received last month. Between some rainy days and “there is no caffeine in my coffee” days, we still have a bit to go. We started with this.    Now we’re down to this.       The garden beds are filled. The extra veggie buckets…


Pulling Up the Peas

The time came to pull up our spring peas. The Girls Wonder were so excited to plant them. But we waited too late to get them in the ground. I’m still re-learning my zone (9a). Girl Wonder #1 asked to pull the peas up. She found a handful of sugar snaps to eat while she…


New Trees for Our Garden

Now that we’re back in zone 9a, we can grow certain citrus fruits without too much effort. We are very excited about this! One of our sweet neighbors down the street has an orange tree that she lets the Wonder skids have free rein of when the fruits are ripe. We’re hoping to add to…


A Boy and His Okra

During one of our recent trips to Target, we made our usual stop at the seed display. Y’all, the Wonder Kids have to pay a visit to the seed display every single time we go to Target to see if there are any new seeds to try. It’s funny listening to them: “we’re going to…


Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: April 2015

Our zone 9a garden is blooming! It’s very exciting to see the flowers and plants awaken from a mild winter’s nap.   Wand flower Society Garlic Monsieur Tillier Hibiscus Dandelions Satsuma Clementine Plumbago For more gardens in bloom, visit Garden Bloggers Bloom Day at May Dreams Garden.