Mondays, Y’all, Monday. (On a Tuesday!)

We were on vacation last week and are still in recovery mode, hence the Monday post on a Tuesday. While we were gone, our garden received close to 5 inches of rain. All the flowers and remaining veggies were happy. The zinnias decided to become a forest. Some of them are beautiful so I’m sharing them.

Mondays, Y’all, Mondays.

We made it through another week.

Fading Summer Garden

The dog days of summer have arrived on the Georgia coast. June was nice and mild compared to the past few years. July is making up for that oversight. The temps and humidity are playing chicken at our expense. This is the time when we pull up the veggies and give the veggie beds a…

Mondays, Y’all, Mondays.

We have upon us another Monday. To make it a little crazier, tomorrow is a holiday. As my former Balto workmates used to say walking through Little Italy, “Oy Vey”.  In the spirit of “let’s just ease on into today”, Mondays on our blog will now feature all the Instagram posts we shared over the…

Saturday Morning in the Garden

It’s time to move our early morning garden walks to the dawn:30 hour. As I wandered with my traveler of hi-test coffee securely in hard, I managed to sang a few shots to share how the garden has fared so far this summer.

The Butternut Squash That Could

Last fall, the monarch caterpillars absolutely devoured our milkweed plant. Granted, it was a tall drink of nectar but we were thrilled to have lots of monarch mamas lay eggs on it. Nothing excited the kids while they were playing outside than seeing the graceful glide and shadow of the monarchs floating towards the monarch garden. Due…

Wordless Wednesday: Harvest

Hello, Hello. Is Thing Working Yet?

I think the blog is finally working again. If you are reading this, yay! It means you can join us again on our adventures.  While I get some posts together, here are a few garden photos to update you on what’s been growing since last we adventured together. More adventures coming! Stay tuned! 


This is an amaryllis passed along to me by our back-fence neighbor. He grows dozens of these every year in his garden. When he divided them a few weeks ago, he tossed me some over the back fence. He couldn’t remember the color or name but I didn’t care. Knowing they wouldn’t bloom this first…

Wordless Wednesday: Garden Snacks