Our Monarch

This time last year, we had an aquarium full of monarch caterpillars. Our 21 caterpillars eventually grew into 10 monarch butterflies that we released with our neighbors. This year, we didn’t think we were going to grow any monarchs. Imagine our surprise when we found a teeny tiny caterpillar on our milkweed!

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We had plenty of milkweed and zinnias for the monarch this year. But our butterfly garden succumbed to too much damage from aphids and drought.

By our visual count, we only had 3-4 males visit us. Clearly, a female slipped in when we weren’t looking. Hope springs eternal!

Learning from last year, we only cut one piece of milkweed per day for our buddy. Also, we found a glass jar that is just the right size for a growing caterpillar instead of having to manhandle our aquarium again this year.

One container of milkweed managed to escape the onslaught of aphids and other bugs. This is the nursery plant for our caterpillar.

Our little buddy is enjoying it’s milkweed home. The Wonder Kids are having fun checking on it several times a day. And they’ve already taken it to all the neighbors for them to see.

When it gets too big for this jar, we have a big pickle jar that will make a perfect home. Yay for raising monarchs!


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