Wordless Wednesday: Harvest

Hello, Hello. Is Thing Working Yet?

I think the blog is finally working again. If you are reading this, yay! It means you can join us again on our adventures.  While I get some posts together, here are a few garden photos to update you on what’s been growing since last we adventured together. More adventures coming! Stay tuned! 

Wildflower Wednesday: Hellstrip Garden

you’ve ever had a strip of bare soil between the sidewalk and the street, you’ve had a hellstrip. On most cities, these are a “no man’s land”. They belong to the city but the city won’t take care of them. Some cities don’t care if you take them over as part of your garden, some cities do. Our small city likes it both ways.

Putting Out Fall Tomatoes

With our fall tomatoes almost ready to go out into the garden, we couldn’t wait any longer. We spent yesterday morning, before it got too hot to do anything outside, planting the fall tomatoes. Some of them may be a little too small to go out but we’re also running out of seedling growing room.…

The Weeping Garden

With the onset of July, our garden went into survival mode. By the middle of July and a couple of weeks with the heat index over 100 degrees each day, it took to looking puny. The Wonder Kids said the garden looked like it was crying. So, while my garden not-so-gently weeps for lower temps, let me give you a tour just in case you were struggling with this as well.

Tomato Troubles

I’ve got tomato troubles, friends. (Ok, it’s totally a me-problem and not really trouble.) It’s time to start the fall tomatoes. Woohoo!!

The Holey Melon

We were so excited to try out Camino Europa melons from our seed trials with P. Allen Smith. Evidently, so were the worms. They beat us to the proverbial punch and munched away on our first melon. We started growing these melons in early summer as part of our seed trials. Never having grown or eaten them, we…

Making New Garden Friends

We had an opportunity earlier this summer to help build a garden at a local assisted living. An Eagle Scout had built 2 beautiful elevated garden boxes for the residents and filled them with soil. A very generous friend of the center, who formerly owned a small nursery, generously donated her expertise and extra plants for the boxes. The Wonder Kids were asked to add a few veggies and help plant out the boxes. It was an offer we couldn’t turn down.

Planting Her Peas

Girl Wonder #2 is obsessed with planting the peas. She overhead me talking to our friend and garden guru Mrs. Christine about planting peas all summer because they can tolerate the heat. After we discussed what “tolerate the heat” meant, she decided that the peas were hers and she was going to plant them all summer.

Post-Colin Garden Walk

Tropical Storm Colin came through our area yesterday and overnight. We mostly had rain and wind but not much damage from either, thankfully. We desperately needed the rain. A microburst came through about 5pm that knocked down a street-full of branches. The garden remained untouched except for the 3″ of rain.