Easter Azaleas

Our church places azaleas in the sanctuary at Easter.  These can be purchased in honor or memory of loved ones.  This year, we purchased 2, 1 for each set of grandparents.  I love this tradition but have never liked the idea of throwing these out.  They are beautiful and in my mind, should be planted in the ground as a living memorial.  After all, if I’m paying for them, I want them to last more than 1 Sunday.  (Yes, I’m one of those freakishly frugal people.)







Last year, we planted our Easter azalea directly into the ground.  It didn’t make it.  I wasn’t going to waste these azaleas this year.  In talking it over with Sweet Hubby, we decided to plant them in our porch containers.  This would give us a chance to see them bloom more, be more active in caring for them, and transplant them easier when the blooming season has passed in a few weeks.

Before we could plant them in the porch containers, we had to remove the pansies currently taking up residence.  Girl Wonder #1 was only too happy to help me dig out the pansies.







Once the pansies were out, GW #1 “twirled” the soil and broke up the clumps.  Soil twirling is very important to make the soil happy to get new plants.







Once the soil was twirled and a hole dug out for the azalea, we took the azalea out of its’ pot.  I explained to GW #1 about the roots and how they can get wrapped around the bottom of the pot.  She checked the bottom for roots and poked holes all around to loosen them.  Making the holes made her giggle.







She asked to put the azaleas in the container.  Once she had them in and situated, I talked her through pushing the soil back around the new plant.  She made quick work of getting the soil flattened out.







Now we have 2 beautiful pink azaleas to greet our guests at the front door.  Since we planted these almost 2 weeks ago, new growth is appearing.  Girl Wonder #1 and I are so excited to see it!

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