Merryweather Didn’t Make it

We were so very, very excited when we found a monarch on our milkweed a couple of weeks ago. If you follow us on Instagram, we’ve shared the progress of the caterpillar growing. But, we have sad news to report. Merryweather the Monarch didn’t make it.

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While we’re not sure yet what happened, our garden friend and Monarch guru Kylee Baumle advised us to store the carcass in a plastic baggie to see if tachinid fly larvae may have killed it. We also ordered a dissection kit so we can get a better look at the insides for our science experiment this week.

While we wait, here’s a look back at the very short life of Merryweather (or Maxilla or Beebo, depending on which Wonder Kid was talking to the caterpillar) the Monarch.



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