Monarch Monday!

Do you know what today is? It’s Monarch Monday! Yes! We are celebrating the fact that a second monarch laid eggs in our milkweed last week. Yay! Plus, we had 3 more visit this past Saturday. Woohoo!!!



We had so much fun checking the milkweed for eggs. When we went to spray off the aphids that were threatening to take over the milkweed, we discovered a second batch of eggs. By the end of the day, we had 33 monarch eggs. Woohoo!!


Then we got a call from our back-up milkweed supplier that he had a caterpillar that needed rescuing. Boy Wonder #2 claimed the rescue cat for his own. He is still deciding on a name for it.


Day 2 of the monarch eggs. Still 33. 

Day 3. Same as the previous days but wait! The eggs are starting to look a little different.

While we wait, we realized that 33 caterpillars were too many for us to grow. Thankfully, 2 sweet friends agreed to take a few. Two glass jars of 4-6 eggs each went to new homes. 

Now we wait for the eggs to hatch. Oh look! Teeny tiny baby caterpillar! It’s so small my camera can’t focus on it. 


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