Moving the Roses

I love roses. This is a new concept for me. So much so that I bought 10 new roses last fall for the garden. When it finally came time to plant them, our planned rose garden area wasn’t ready. Into containers of all shapes and sizes they went. Fast forward 6 months and we’re moving. Yes, I want to take the roses with me. Thankfully I was lazy and never got around to putting them in the ground I had the foresight to put them in containers.

Roses in containers are easy to move, sorta. Except that I have 2 truckloads of roses. Uhm. Hmmm. For now, the roses are going to Nana Banana and Papa Peach’s house to visit until we can get them to our house on the coast.

The first truckload of roses ready to go. After watching the roses blow around in the back, I realized I had packed them wrong. I pulled over and shifted them around so that the taller roses were closer to the cab and the smaller roses were closer to the tailgate. I can only hope the trip around I-285 blew off the aphids.

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