Out Go the Crayons

Some of our surviving seed trial seedlings are ready to plant. Since the Wonder Kids were grumpy and cranky from allergies, mommy indulged in a little garden therapy this morning. (Although, I probably would’ve liked mimosas to go along with it.)

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Out Go the Crayons

Armed with our Hot Crayon and Cool Crayon seedlings from Renee’s Garden and handy planting trowel, I set to work getting our zinnia seedlings into the garden. To keep it simple so I could remember it for later (which is another great reason to document it via this blog), I planted these around our Gemini rose bush. To help you see the seedlings amongst the weeds, dying daffodils, pass-along agapanthus, and oak leaves, I’ve circled them.



These transplants will get watered every day for a week or so. We’re not forecast to receive rain in that time┬áperiod. Now I need to find out where the Wonder Kids hid the seed trials notebook so I can note that these have been planted….

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