The Great Daffodil Adventure

Growing up, my Aunt Nettie loved daffodils.  When she and my Uncle Charlie moved into their house in the 1940’s, she planted several dozen daffodil bulbs in her backyard along the crest of the hill.  Their backyard was mostly hill so she wanted something pretty to see when she looked out her back door.  By the time I came along in the 1970’s, the daffodils had naturalized and taken over the hill and most of the yards.  Spring was a riot of yellows, whites, and oranges waving in the sun.  When we’d go to visit, she’d let me pick 3 daffodils per day.  There was a seemingly never-ending supply of these gorgeous flowers.  They quickly became my favorite.  I’ve been know to pull over on the side of the road and pick daffodils on abandoned properties or wide open spaces.  Now that we’re back in the Georgia piedmont, we can grow daffodils again.

Last week, the Wonder Kids and I went on a search for daffodil bulbs.  Our town is known as the “Jonquil City” so I knew I’d find some great bulbs somewhere.  Sure enough, our local museum sold them in 50-count bags.  I bought 3 bags.  It didn’t seem like enough at the time.  After spending 2 days planting, it was just enough.  But I will be buying more next year of a different variety.  I hope to have hundreds of daffodils blooming at various times around the yard, splashing color across our garden.

(Jonquils and daffodils are not quite the same thing, although they do look alike.  For the purposes of my desire, I use the words interchangeably and mostly call them daffodils.)

The first place we planted the bulbs was in the tulip beds.  My hope is that both of these will naturalize along the right-of-way.  We’re putting up a fence later in the winter so I want these to be on the outside of the fence, greeting the passers-by.


Our second location was around a tree.  We’ve been building up a small bed around a tree.  Sweet Hubby mentioned putting the bulbs around the outer ring of the bed.  Girl Wonder #1 and Boy Wonder #2 were ready to work.  They helped shovel soil around the outer ring to top off the bulb ring.






Girl Wonder #1 was quite happy to disperse the soil.  She helped for a while then went to swing.  I finished up the prepping and covering while Girl Wonder #2 sang Christmas songs to me.






Our tree covered and waiting for the bulbs to overwinter then grow.  This tree is at the edge of the side garden where we’ll have blueberries, blackberries, and roses.  It provides beautiful shade in the summer afternoons.






We planted the remainder of the daffodils in various places around the yard, mostly along our very long fence line with the neighbors.  I forgot to take pictures since I was wrangling over-excited Wonder Kids and over-zealous neighbor dogs.

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