Watering the Roses

For the past couple of years, I’ve been watering the rose bed with my handy water hose and hose gun. It’s worked well but it gets tiresome. Finally, my brain worked to prime capacity. I found a sprinkler hose that fits my needs for the rose bed.

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It’s such a simple thing, watering the roses. Like most things, I tend to overthink it which leads to not doing anything about it for a while. After the long hot summer and my desire to multi-task, I finally found a 100′ sprinkler hose for the rose garden.

The hose arrived yesterday. I spent this morning winding it through the rose bed.

The rose bed is a little over 50 feet long and just about 10 feet wide. Since it’s this long, I ordered a 100′ hose to go around and about and through to the tropical bed tucked at the back end.

I’m still trying to finesse the road end of the bed. My eucalyptus tree was upright until Hurricane Matthew knocked it over.

If I stick the hose out too close to the mailbox, it waters the road. If I wind it too far back of the tree, it doesn’t water the plants around the mailbox. And then there’s just trying to get it around the tree itself so that everything around it gets some water. Solving that will probably take a few more cups of coffee.

For now, it’s doing a great job of watering the milkweed and the butterfly puddler.

I’m excited by this new little addition to the rose garden. If it works well enough, I’m going to add a 50 foot sprinkler hose to the flower bed that runs along the front of the garage. It’s filled with perennials and could use the same help.

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