You Can Grow That: The Neighbor’s Hydrangea

When you discover that you have a great neighbor, you know you have a treasure. Our little neighborhood has a whole mess of great neighbors. We share plants and talks on the stoop. One neighbor in particular is kind enough to let me propogate her gorgeous French Lace hydrangea over the summer.


Our sweet neighbors let us use their pool on a daily basis. While the Wonder Kids make cannonballs and see who can touch the bottom of the pool, I drool over the neighbor’s hydrangea. They’ve had it for a few years and it’s gorgeous. They actually have 2 but this is the bigger of the pair.

Last summer they encouraged me to take some cuttings. I never got around to it. *I know, I know. For shame! How can I call myself a gardener if I turn down pass along plants?!?!*

I’m making up for that shortcoming this year. I’m trying my hand at rooting the branches to make more hydrangeas. My first attempt uses a brick to pull and hold the branch down onto the ground.

My second attempt, because I know I need back-up plan or 9, uses a pile of rocks that I found at the fence line.

For the Trifecta, I rescued a decorative bunny from the evil English ivy. Little Bunny is happy to be useful, I’m sure of it.

The waiting begins, which is the hardest part. By the end of the summer or sometime in the fall, I’ll check the rooting attempts to see if this actually worked. I know good and well it’s worked for other, more green thumby garden friends. Another added bonus is that the bumblebees LOVE this hydrangea. When it’s in bloom, there are as many bees on it as petals.

Hopefully, I’ll have 3 new hydrangeas for our garden. I have no clue where they’ll go but I’m willing to take on the problem.

If this works out, in a couple of years I’ll try rooting this beautiful white hydrangea from our neighbor’s yard. It’s need to grow a wee bit more first.



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