Dear Friend and Gardener: The Veggie Garden

This is my first contribution to the “Dear Friend and Gardener” series started by Dee Nash and her friends.


Dear Friend and Gardener,

I think the veggie garden is finally planted out. I wasn’t planning on doing much since we’re moving before the plants can get good and settled but I can’t stop putting plants in. We had over 100 seedlings that needed a home. Most were given away to friends and family but we still had to plenty to put in the veggie beds.

The strawberry bed has exploded with happiness this year. We had Tonka-truckloads of strawberries. Not a single berry made it into the house. Any plans I had for homegrown strawberry jam disappeared into thin air.

The garlic bed is growing well. We might even be able to harvest a few heads of garlic to take with us. In the middle of the bed we planted sugar baby watermelons. There is plenty of room for them to roam.


Tomatoes, zinnias, basil, parsley and tomatillos are taking over this bed. The parsley is slow to grow but the tomatoes seem happy. In spite of my pledge not to grow squash again, I ended up planting 4 squares of crookneck squash. I’m hoping it will grow well for the new garden owners.


It’s time for the bean pole sails to go up. We planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans that are starting to climb. Tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries round out this bed.


More tomatoes, marigolds, zinnia, and a few tomatillos are starting to show growth in this bed. The peppers are struggling since the roly-polies still enjoy nibbling on their tender new growth.


More beans are starting to grow up the second set of bean pole sails. Tomatillos, marigolds, and more parsley surround the perimeter. One lone stand of Swiss chard holds court.


We planted out our sweet potato slips in one of the far block beds. They should be able to roam and grow at that end of garden.


Lastly, the far strawberry bed provided plenty of delicious strawberries for the Wonder Kids and the squirrels.


That’s all for now. The blackberries and blueberries are growing well. We’ve been able to eat a few blackberries already. The Girls Wonder are waiting very impatiently on the blueberries.

Back to the packing~




  1. Mia, your gardens are so lovely, restful and organized. I wish I could say the same. I love that you’re using the square foot method. That reminds me. I need to establish a new asparagus and strawberry bed. Mine are all played out. Something else to do. 🙂 Happy growing!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Dee. They’re about the only thing that I can get organized at the moment. For some reason, this method fits my brain wiring. Have fun with the asparagus and strawberry beds! I’m excited to take some of our strawberry runners with us when we move.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You’ve got a nice garden going there. I love the square foot method, though I’ll admit I don’t follow it precisely. I think I should sometimes. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Carol. I don’t follow it precisely, either, but I find the basic structure of it works for my brain wiring. It’s the only place I can release my OCD tendencies.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The new owners are going to have such an incredible gift! I enjoyed seeing how you laid out the gardens. I use the square foot model, just keep the grid in my head. Ends up being not quite as structured as I visualize it.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Stephi! I am truly hoping they enjoy the garden. If not, I know the neighbors would be more than happy to relieve them of the veggies. I wish I could keep the grid in my head but I’m getting more forgetful as I get older. I’m blaming on the coffee. 😉 The structure I put in place helps me break the garden down into manageable pieces so I don’t get overwhelmed. For me, it’s the gardening version of Legos.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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