Fading Summer Garden

The dog days of summer have arrived on the Georgia coast. June was nice and mild compared to the past few years. July is making up for that oversight. The temps and humidity are playing chicken at our expense. This is the time when we pull up the veggies and give the veggie beds a good top dressing of compost.


The veggie bed in the side yard is almost empty. A few peppers are still blooming like crazy. The beautiful bush beans have succumbed. Only the stalwart zinnias and marigolds seem unfazed by the heat.



The container garden isn’t fairing much better. Over the winter, the backyard neighbor removed all the wisteria and jasmine that was holding up growing up the fence. The formerly “afternoon shade” patio became a full sun place. Some of the plants have thrived, until the heat arrived.

The cucumbers are done.cucumbers

The tomatoes are pretty much done. These in containers will come out this week.


Swallowtail caterpillars are munching happily on the parsley.


The dill gone to seed reminds me of some of my architecture school sketches.


A few of the tomatoes are trying to keep going. But my mercenary side is coming out. It’s just too hot for much of anything for the next few weeks. The neighbors have all enjoyed the benefit of this particular variety-that-I-can’t-remember-the-name.


While the garden rests, we have a backyard project to work on. If all goes according to Plans A-H, we’ll have the beginnings of a lovely hanging herb garden in the Hammock Forest. Stay tuned!


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