Fall Veggies!

The fall veggies are growing like weeds! Ha! In spite of Hurricane Matthew and the subsequent lack of rain, our veggies in the trial garden are thriving.


The zucchini from last summer is quite happy in our warm fall. The bugs haven’t touched it. Yay!!! I will definitely need to start these earlier in the spring to keep them from the squash vine borers.


We were given several varieties of herbs to trial. I’m pretty excited about these. I have a hard time growing herbs because I can’t seem to get the timing right. Maybe this time will be the charm.



The arugula is already making my mouth water. It’s apropos that a volunteer tomato is keeping up with it. They’d make a good salad combo.



The broccolis are not liking the Indian Summer but I’m hoping the coming cool weather this weekend will perk them back up.




I can’t wait to start diving into some of these veggies. Thanks again to P. Allen Smith for including us in their Super Testers Veggie Trials.

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