Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: Post-Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew gave us a shove last week. He was kinder than expected but still managed to inflict damage to many in our area. We were very fortunate that we returned home from evacuating to Atlanta to find that our worst damage was blown-over rose bushes. Y’all, I can not fully express the roller coaster we were on last week, not without crying. Instead, I’m going to show you what’s blooming in spite of that dastardly Hurricane Matthew.


When we came home, these were still on the vine. Believe me when I say that these were the sweetest, best tasting tomatoes I’ve ever eaten. Or ever will eat.

Even our roses had blooms in their horizontal state.

Thanks to my friends at the Golden Isles Rose Society, I knew to stake them carefully and water them thoroughly. Matthew ushered in beautiful weather that was very dry so these beauties ended up being thirsty again real quick.

Our milkweed has pods and seeds ready to go.

Our Japanese garden is ready to harvest. I just knew that if we received the predicted storm surge at high tide, the fish would be nibbling on our bok choi and not leaving us any.

The zuccchini from our seed trials that didn’t like the summer bugs is quite happy in our warm fall.

And yet more Sungold tomatoes to round out this week.


  1. Glad you and yours are well, despite the trials of Matthew. Holy moly – that was scary to watch, even from afar. Phew – glad it’s over for you, and that you’re back home.

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