New Year, Same Garden

One of the joys of gardening is the seasons of consistency. We’re in the midst of that as I type this. Our fall veggies are hanging on. We’re starting seeds for the spring garden (more on that later this week). All in all, a very boring but content time in the garden.


Our peas are finally growing. A second round was planted that has survived the squirrels and unseasonable heat. The purple and scarlet blooms are beautiful. The peas themselves are tiny.

Girl Wonder #1’s carrots managed to grow a few. She picked some early so these are what is left.

Our stir fry garden had to come out before we could use it. Buggies devoured it to the point of not being edible by us. We’ll add some compost and let that area sit until time for spring veggies.

Our trial veggies are hanging on. It’s been too hot for them to do much. One night below 40 does not help the cold weather veggies. But the 2 arugulas are thriving.

Our mystery tomato has produced some lovely December and January treats.

The spinach isn’t happy with our warm winter so far.

And to our great surprise, we had over a dozen visits to the milkweed garden. The result is close to 40 monarch caterpillars munching away.

Happy New Year to you, friends! I hope your garden is growing or resting or both. Here’s to a bountiful and productive 2017!

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