Not What I Had Planned

We are well on our way down the fall gardening path. Mwwwuuuaaahhhhh! No, we’re not. Yet again, it’s time to move on the Plan B. And C. And D.

Before we left on our latest excursion, I had started some of or fall veggies. Kale, collards, sour gherkins, and other delicious fall veggies seedlings filled my sleeping-in-passenger-seat dreams all the way down I95. The reality was frustrating when I finally went out to check on the seedlings the day after we arrived home.

Ugh. That’s not what I was hoping to see. They’re supposed to have leaves. Lots of little green leaves.

Hello, hello. Where are my beautiful green seedlings?

Not here, evidently.

Or here. ~sigh~

Even with setting them in the dappled sun under the palms, no changes. I’m not sure what happened. So, on to Plans B through D. Tomorrow we’ll sow the seeds directly into the garden. It’s a little late in our sowing window but, oh well. Maybe this time the Wonder Kids will be more willing to help.


  1. Sorry you have to move on to the next plan. I think this means, however, that you are now fully justified in having a wine and chocolate night as a small compensation. Just saying.

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