Planting Her Peas

Girl Wonder #2 is obsessed with planting the peas. She overhead me talking to our  friend and garden guru Mrs. Christine about planting peas all summer because they can tolerate the heat. After we discussed what “tolerate the heat” meant, she decided that the peas were hers and she was going to plant them all summer.

planting peas

While I was watering the roses this morning, she walked out with our bowl of zipper cream peas. These are her particular favorites since she learned to shell them last year.

We have a perfect spot for them in one section of our trial garden. Originally, Endeavor squash was growing here as part of our seed trials for P. Allen Smith‘s seed collection. The Squash Vine Borers had other ideas. Peas are going in behind the trial melons. They’ll have plenty of room to grow.





Southern peas, like these zipper creams, are great for planting with kids. They’re just the right size for small hands to hold and plant. They’re also just big enough not to fit up noses. (Trust me on this. The Wonder Kids have tried that.) As they grow, the kids can watch the pods expand from long and slender to big and puffy. Big and puffy means they’re ready to harvest. When they’re ready to harvest, southern peas are easy to shell for small fingers.


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