Putting Our Virtual Garden to Rest

Garden friends,

The time has come to put our virtual garden to rest. Thank you for coming along on our garden adventures over the past 7 1/2 years. We’ve enjoyed sharing the good days, bad days, and crazy days with you. We are grateful for you.¬†Throughout this adventure, we have enjoyed meeting so many fellow gardeners. Indeed, it’s been our privilege to count some of y’all as friends, even if we haven’t met yet in the earthly garden. Our garden and our lives are richer for this time spent with y’all.

May your gardens always grow and may you always bloom where you’re planted.

~Modern Mia and the Wonder Kids



  1. Mia:

    I totally understand, but am still sad to see your virtual garden go. Thanks for reaching out to me when I was garden blogging and sharing the twine trellises (sails). Encouragement from the community is so helpful in the world of blogging.

    Let’s stay in touch.

    • It just means that I’m taking down the blog. We’ll still be hanging out on Twitter and Instagram and sharing adventures there from time to time.

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