Saturday Morning in the Garden

July has arrived (how did it get here so fast). It’s time to move our early morning garden walks to the dawn:30 hour. As I wandered with my traveler of hi-test coffee securely in hard, I managed to sang a few shots to share how the garden has fared so far this summer.


This summer has been more of a typical summer for us on the Georgia coast. We’re getting rain every few days. This has been wonderful. After 3 years of a very dry summer and no significant rainfall since last summer, we’re almost out of our drought. Hopefully a wet July will get us back to our normal ground water levels.

Last night we received 1/2″ of good rain. The remaining drops stayed on the leaves thanks to 98% humidity overnight. Welcome to summer in coastal Georgia! It’s not the heat, it really is the humidity.

We’ve had a great year for tomatoes. The temps have been steadily under 90 (heat index doesn’t seem to factor in with our tomatoes this year) so we’ve had an abundance of tomatoes. The neighbors REALLY like us. The Romas and Sunrise Bumblebee have been the stars. The Lollipops, Dr Carolyns, and Sungolds weren’t far behind.

One of the drawbacks to getting caught up on our rain is that sometimes we received an inch at one time after a week without any rain. This variance made some of the tomatoes split, which made the bugs happy.

The basil is exploding. We’ve already given away 3 huge “basil bouquets”. 

Our extra “rain barrels”. Hey, whatever will hold water gets stuck under the flow when the bottom falls out.

The peppers have been quite productive. We’ve handed off a few and are prepping to put up a few gallons.

The big tomatoes on the west side of the house didn’t fair too well this year.  They grew beautifully but never fruited. We’ll pull them out next week so the soil can rest for a few weeks under a top dressing of compost.

The potatoes shot out lots of gorgeous flowers. I think it’s almost time to pull them out and see what grew for us.

Our “media kit” beans (tricolor and weekend) have thrived. We sowed them a couple of weeks apart. We’re harvesting the first beans this weekend. I’ll let you know if the Wonder Kids actually eat any.

The zinnias reseeded from last year due to our very warm winter. The pollinators have looooved them. And the garden has loooooved the extra attention from the pollinators.

 And there you have it. A quick update on what’s still growing in our garden. Next week we’ll pull some veggies and start prepping for a resting time for the garden. Our compost is almost ready for spreading. Woot!

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