The Carrots Are Not Ready Yet

Boy Wonder #2’s carrots are sending up lots of little green leaves.  He is quite thrilled and ready to eat them.  So far, I’ve been able to keep him from pulling them out to check on them.  His sister is another story.  Girl Wonder #1 decided she needed to see how they were doing so she started pulling on them.  Suddenly, it was time to have (another) lesson on thinning seedlings and leaving them alone for at least a month.


Before I realized why she was so quiet, she had managed to pull out a handful of carrot greens.  “Mommy, are they ready yet?  The green frilly stuff is on top of the soil.”

Learning to take out the greens out one at a time from the big clumps.  She had fun pulling the green frilly stuff out very carefully.

This kept her occupied for about 9 minutes, 48 seconds.  Until somebody turned on the water hose and started refilling the mud puddle.


  1. I work really hard to grow plants that my children will eat too! My 4 children just picked some radishes yesterday for part of dinner. I told them to let the rest grow before picking any more. When I arrived home today I found that the kids were sneaking more radishes (radish tops near the sink). I really can’t get upset at the kids for eating radishes! (=

  2. Jay, you are right! I can’t really get mad at them for eating the veggies they pull too early (unless it will make them sick). We had a similar problem with the radishes coming out too early. The Wonder Kids thought it was so fantastic to have little pink balls coming up out of the soil, just for them! Granted, getting them to eat the radishes was a whole ‘nother story.

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