The Towers of Potatoes Are Planted!

Over the weekend, we realized that the seed potatoes had sprouted enough to be planted in the seed towers.  Oh, the shouts of joy at getting to run outside and plant potatoes in the rain!  Quickly, quickly everyone rushed into shoes and picked out potatoes to carry outside.

Boy Wonder #1 took the lead carrying the biggest potato he could find.  Then he promptly peeled all the sprouts off it.  “They feel weird on my hands.  They might be hurting the potatoes, mommy.”  Boy Wonder #2 decided he needed to do the same thing.  But for different reasons.  “Hey, look, it’s yucky.  Here, catch.”  Girl Wonder #1 put her potatoes in her purse so they would be comfy for their walk across the living and dining rooms and out the back door.

Finally, we made it outside with all the potatoes accounted for (I am not aware of any lost potatoes no matter what thunking sounds I heard behind me as we walked across the porch).  We had 2 kinds of seed potatoes, plain (they were labeled organic but not type) and Russets (organic).  Boy Wonder #1 and Girl Wonder #2 had the Russets.  After some discussion about what shape to make as they laid them into the potato tower (diamond shape), the potatoes were planted.  We covered them over with composted manure and pine straw/leaf mulch.  Boy Wonder #2 decided he needed to make a kite shape with his potatoes in the other tower.







All the seed potatoes are now planted and drenched thanks to a heavy rain that night.  Given that the Boys’ Wonder peeled off the sprouts on their potatoes, I’m not sure if those potatoes will still grow.  Frankly, we’re trying anyway.  I’m too tired to try it again this week.



Forgot to add:  Once we start seeing leaves come through the mulch, we’ll add 3-4 inches of mulch.  As the leaves grow up through the mulch, we’ll keep adding mulch until we get to the top of the tower.  Once at the top, we’ll let them flower then the leaves can start dying off.  When the leaves are dead, we should be ready to harvest the potatoes.  I’ll keep you updated in the coming months.

~Thanks to Queen of None for reminding me (inadvertently) that I forgot to tell you what comes next.  Thanks, Your Highness!~




  1. Will you be adding more compost/mulch as they grow up? Or will there be potatoes layered up to the top? I’m anxious to try a similar method this year. Anything that doesn’t involve tilling more dirt appeals to me. I suppose I’d better get on that.

  2. Yes! Thanks for asking. I forgot to mention that part. As the sprouts make leaves and grow up, we’ll add more compost and mulch. From my research, we add those when the flowers open on the vines to cover them. Thanks for stopping by!

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