You Can Grow That: A Stir Fry Garden

You may recall that one of our New Year’s Resolutions was to grow a stir fry garden. What we’ve learned since then is that most of those veggies grow better for us in the fall. Hey, guess what?!? It’s close enough to fall to start our stir fry veggie garden. Woohoo!!!

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ycgt stir fry

Yesterday was the day to start our stir fry veggies. Usually we start our veggies from seed in peat pellets. This time, we’re sowing the seeds directly in the garden soil. Girl Wonder #2 was the only Wonder Kid willing to help. The Boys Wonder had a cricket test match happening in the front yard so that was much more important than planting peas, carrots and bok choi.

Carrots were up first. She’s very excited about growing purple and yellow carrots. And using her snazzy garden tools again.

The tiny carrots seeds were a little hard to spread out. We’ll end up needing to thin those once they pop up.

Girl Wonder #1 decided to get in on the seed sowing fun while finishing her toast. Nothing will come between Girl Wonder #1 and her butter toast.

Girl Wonder #2 gave up because Sweet Hubby needed help cleaning up fallen branches from Hermine. Girl Wonder #2 volunteered to plant the peas.

With the various bok chois left to plant, Girl Wonder #2 deserted me for a visit with Sweet Hubby in the garage. ~sigh~ Sitting in the kayaks in the garage listening to the radio with daddy was way more fun than gardening with mommy.

I made short work of 4 remaining stir fry ingredients, a variety of dwarf and regular chois. Thankfully, they are easy to sow.

In a couple of days, we should see some progress. All in all, we were able to get these stir fry ingredient seeds planted in about 10 minutes. Yes, you can grow a stir fry garden!



    • Thank you, Charlie! It is indeed an adventure. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Except a little more coffee would be nice.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Mia, I absolutely love the idea of using the plastic knives as markers. Very cool. I have never tried a stir fry garden so I am curious to see how well you do with it. I always seem to struggle with Bok Choi in my area. Goes to seed rather quickly.

    • We struggled with the Bok choi in our zone 7a garden, Mike. It is definitely a chilly weather veggie but not too cold. Middle spring and early fall seem to be good for it. We’ll see how it likes our mild fall. Thanks for stopping by!

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