You Can Grow That: In a Pot, In a Block, In a Raised Bed. 

Yes, you can grow that veggie garden wherever you can fit it in: in a pot, in concrete blocks, in your landscape, in a corner of your driveway, in your side yard that gets all the sun, in the roses, in a leftover, clean bucket. How do I know this? I’ve done all of these and then some.  Let me explain.

We started our gardening adventures 5 years ago in 5 gallon buckets. Then we added some packaged raised beds.



Then we constructed our own raised beds when we moved to Zone 7a. We still grew some things in containers. We even added a few cement block beds since they were free and in good condition.



Back in Zone 9a, we’re back to raised beds, pots, and buckets (in a corner of the driveway).

Our watermelons and pumpkins grew in between our roses and blueberry bushes. 

We had an allotment space at the community garden but had to give it up due to time restrictions. Now we’ve redesigned our potager (thank you, termites, for eating every piece of wood in the garden) for the coming season and are going back to cement blocks.




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