You Can Grow That: Tomatoes to Give Away

youcangrowthat3We had so much fun giving away tomatoes last spring that we decided to go it again this year. Along with the Romas, we’re adding some beefsteak and cherry tomatoes. Our tomatoes last year went to homes of all economic persuasions. We hope to have the same this year and even a few new people who’ve never grown a veggie before now.

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We saved some catering trays from a church fellowship lunch to start this year’s tomatoes. These are the perfect size for growing tomatoes for the first few weeks. We filled them up with our usual growing pellets. First to go in were the Roma tomatoes. These are the same as we used last year. Dollar Seed donated these for a community garden we tried to start. Since that adventure was stymied, we’re growing them and giving them away.

Don’t you like our fancy labeling system?

Next up were the cherry and beefsteak tomatoes. Last year the cherry tomatoes were a hit. A few people asked after larger tomatoes so we’re trying those. This also gives us a chance to clear out the tomato seed stash.

With the tray larger than we’ve used in the past, we had to separate the cherry from the beefsteak. Girl Wonder #2 offered up her leftover Christmas ribbon. Works for me! The beefsteaks are wrapped up in the ribbon.

The top of the refrigerator is the perfect place to get them started. Boy Wonder #1 offered to put them up for me to show how much taller is getting. (I tried not to have a leaky-eye moment that my oldest is almost as tall as me now.)

We’ll check on these next Wednesday to see if anything is happening. Boy Wonder #1 wrote it on the calendar so we don’t forget.

If you haven’t yet, try growing tomatoes from seed. You may find that you really can grow that!


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