Listening to My Garden

This is my newest installment for the Grow Write Guild.


As I type this, I am listening to the sounds in my garden as the night shadows cover the garden to rest.  Our southeast neighbors are playing country music on their back deck.  Cars are whizzing by and tooting their horns.  It’s been a delightful mild day so we’ve had the windows open.  They are still open to let in the cool night air.  Our west-southwest neighbors are grilling on their patio.  Their grill is popping with the juices of hot meat.  Their infant cries while their young daughter sings to her.  The dogs in all the yards surrounding us are alternately barking and baying, depending on the encroachments to their domains.


Earlier today while pulling weeds and generally stalking my vegetables, I could hear the Wonder Kids creating a new playtime story involving dinosaurs, trains, Hello Kitty, and the cast of Clifford.  The 3 o’clock car train blew its’ whistle as it wound through our downtown. School is out for the summer so the usual hiss and hum of the school buses is on hold until August.  A yellow jacket danced around the peas.  The stiff winds blew through the tree tops in a muted cacophony and bent over all my plants over 2″ tall.


These are just a few of the sounds in my garden.  Thank you for listening with me.


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